Russ Thomas

My greatest accomplishment in life is the love of a woman named Nicole and the blessing of four children who look a lot like their mom and a little like me. Aside from that I'm pretty good with SQL Server.

I've made a full time career modeling, developing, and administering databases since 1996, with some BI technologies thrown in along the way. It helps that I like people as the data is usually about them. I was kidding about the passwords, but I did hear that sentence recently - seriously.

Away from technology I've had some other adventures including several years as a police driving instructor at Portland Int Raceway and regular trips to the Whistler bike park on my custom built Norco. I also spent a couple years in Argentina.

These days, if I'm not normalizing/denormalizing, looking at perfmon numbers, or breaking down query plans; I'll either be on the bike, playing killer bunnies with the kids, watching the Denver Broncos, following my favorite database bloggers online, or reading about WWII aviation. I often wonder if we'll ever see the likes of Doolittle, Pappy Gunn, or the Flying Tigers again.