Russ Watson

Consultant, Software Engineer, and Small Business Owner in Texas

My name is Russell, but I more commonly respond to Russ, Roustalski (think lebowski), or IronClad. I'm most recently known as a husband to my wife Amanda, Dad to Hunter Graham, Emma Brooke, and Lola Claire, but have also been known as a software engineer by day and a professional RTS video gamer by night.

I've been writing software for 15 years and have worked on projects ranging from custom configuration software for vehicle paint wraps to enterprise applictions, including multitouch applications for American Airlines and ERP systems for TBC corporation. I've been playing video games since I was 5, starting with Nintendo, but specialize in the RTS genre on computers (sorry console guys) and have been to France, Italy, South Korea, and all over the US for C&C: Red Alert, Warcraft III, Dawn of War, and Starcraft 2.

I write for all client platforms and am technology agnostic.

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  • Work
    • CEO - Bakestreet Industries
  • Education
    • ITT Technical Institute