Russ King

Writer, Social Media Manager, and House renovator in Calne, United Kingdom

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Author of We All Fall Down (set in healthcare) Working from Home (set in business networking circles) and Co-Founder and Editor in Chief for

We All Fall Down will make you gasp, Working from Home will make you laugh (out loud I'm told) and Riddle will make you wonder why you didn't try making viral content before. provides the tools for you to create viral content via fun embeddable quizzes, tests and polls (and it's free). Big brands and newspapers love it but it works just as well for self-published authors.

I have a PhD from Cambridge, a background in science, an unflappable sense of humour and I listen more than I talk.

I live in a very old, damp house next to a river in Wiltshire with my foxy wife and two little monsters.