Ryan E Walters

Ryan E. Walters grew up in Seattle, Wa. where his passion for the visual arts was sparked at a young age through his parents encouragement and enrollment in drawing classes. This interest was furthered as he watched his grandmothers passion for photography. In high school he became dissatisfied with the static image, and his curiosity with the moving image was excited by the introduction of reel to reel tape based editing at his high school. Upon graduating from high school, Ryan moved to the Portland area and pursued studies in theology and youth ministry.

The passion and drive to create compelling moving images never left Ryan, and he has been working in the film industry since 1998. Ryan began as an Office PA and is now working full time as a freelance cinematographer based out of Portland, Or. His work has taken him around the world and country doing work for Adidas, Nike, MetLife, The Travel Channel, Lifetime, and he has shot 5 feature films to date. Ryan is a featured cinematographer on Sekonic's "ProSpeak" web page, and he was the Master Cinematographer for the Red Epic on Zacuto's 2012 Revenge Of The Great Camera Shootout. These experiences have enabled him to become intimately familiar with a wide range of digital cinema cameras from DSLR's up to the Red Epic and the Arri Alexa. However, in the end, what Ryan cares about most is telling a compelling visual story that engages the audience regardless of the capture device.