Robert W. Gray

Student, Art Director, and Teacher in Sarasota, FL 34240

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Insurety Capital CEO Robert W. Gray has heldseveral high-profile leadership positions throughout his 25+ year career, buthe has brought the same brand of strategic, decisive team leadership andlegal/business expertise to all of them. Robert’s first leadership position wasas a senior associate at the Law Offices of Ralph Schindler. Here, he learnedhow to manage a legal team specializing in business law, tax planning, andcommercial criminal cases. After this, he became General Counsel and SVP ofBusiness and Legal Affairs at Varitalk, Inc., a major technology and mediacompany. In addition to leading the organization’s legal department, he alsohad a hand in guiding the company’s direction and helping mitigate companyrisks. Robert also aided many startups and small businesses with legal adviceand business and financial consulting when he became Founder & Attorney atGray Matters Law & IP Consulting Firm. Before becoming CEO, he served asGeneral Counsel at Insurety Capital and was also an operating partner andSenior Corporate Counsel of the private investment firm 777 Partners. Robertfirst graduated from MacMurray College with his bachelor’s degree, before goingon to earn law degrees from the John Marshall Law School.