Ryan Polselli

Physician, Radiologist, and Breast Imager in Palm Harbor, Florida

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Dr. Ryan Polselli is a board certified and fellowship trained breast imaging radiologist. He is currently in clinical practice as the lead breast imaging radiologist for Global Imaging Specialists and the founder and CEO of MammoLink. For more biographical information, visit my website here.

What I believe:

I believe it is becoming increasingly difficult, and sometimes impossible for patients to receive the quality care that they deserve in the United States. I find this is especially true in my small area of healthcare expertise, breast imaging. In part, I believe this is due to a fragmented healthcare system that lacks integrity and leadership and a system which often puts profit ahead of patient care. I believe it is part of my duty as a Physician, to work to change this. I believe the way that I can effect the most positive change in the current breast imaging system in the United States is by completely overhauling the traditional system from the ground up.

Current Projects and Future Goals:

In order to have a breast imaging system in the United States that is efficient, effective, patient centered, and equitable, we must first change the current relationship between radiologists, physicians directly involved in patient care, and patients. We must bring all three parts of this system together so that they can work synchronously for the benefit of the patient. MammoLink is my attempt to do this. Currently, MammoLink is in the process of developing partnerships with physicians and breast care organizations across the United States. In the future, it is my hope and firm belief, that this company will set the new standard in patient care and raise the bar in the interest of the patient.

--Ryan Polselli, M.D., DABR, Fellowship Trained, Breast Imaging Radiologist.

  • Work
    • MammoLink®, GIS
  • Education
    • Doctor of Medicine
    • Emory University School of Medicine
    • University of South Florida College of Medicine