Ryan Hong


I teach Grade 6/7 in B.C.'s Lower Mainland. An avid user of the digital medium, I happily adopt the moniker of "tech geek". My educational philosophy centres on the big 6 principles of AFL - Formative Assessment. As an educator of 21st century skills, I facilitate and activate the skills and passions of my students, rather than instruct, on their journeys towards becoming independent learners. I firmly believe the combination of formative assessment practices and technology integration is an incredibly powerful combination; educators who can tap these resources will help their students take ownership of their learning. I am an innovative learner, and so are my students. When I'm not connected on social media, posting, taking photographs, developing, and creating, I surf, snowboard, kiteboard and sit in amazement as my 25 month-old accesses our on-line photo library. Come visit my class of 21st Century Learners and see how they learn www.MrHongsClass.com

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