Ryan Mayer

Founder, Art Director, and Creative in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Ryan Mayer

Founder, Art Director, and Creative in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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My name is Ryan Mayer—also known creatively under the moniker ‘Bluehaus’—a Canadian Brand Designer, Strategist, & Digital Artist with *cough* over 25 years of experience.

Working closely and collaboratively with businesses of all sizes, agencies and entrepreneurs, I provide creative branding, design, interactive, and advertising solutions that help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and connect with your ideal audience. I also draw on the talents of my collaborative network of very talented colleagues to bring your brand and stories to life.

I am forever curious, and I love to learn! Especially about everyone’s passion, specifically why they started their business and do what they do. My focus is on delivering purpose-built creativity that works to help driven companies create maximum impact in the world. Annnnd I have a helluva time doing it!

I am currently the Founder & Principal Creative at Bluehaus Creative, a Brand + Design Studio started in 2010. Before venturing out independently, I worked for various small and medium-sized agencies, corporate in-house and contract positions, working with clients of all sizes and many industries.

I can also be found with my face buried in a new digital art piece/creative photo manipulation where I can bring unrestricted internal and often surreal ideas out into the real world. I’m curious and question everything, so this is a place for me to work out ideas and learn new techniques and skills. Some of these projects are in my Digital Art section and on my Instagram page. Be sure to like, share, and let me know your thoughts on them when you stop by.

I’m glad you’re here! I hope my work and this site brighten your day and help you smile a little more.

Thanks for dropping by!

Ps. And hey, you're looking really great today!

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