Ryan McCuskey

Informational Technology Specialist in United States

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Ryan McCuskey is professional with a background in Information Systems and Technologies. He holds three degrees from two different academic institutions, including:

* Marshall University, College of Liberal Arts

* The Ohio State University

McCuskey’s resume is polished by his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, MHA and Juris Doctor (JD) in Law.

A master in Information Technology (IT) systems, he’s particularly well versed in a variety of productivity tools and business and analytics databases. He has solid command over Microsoft and Adobe applications, Salesforce CRM and LexisNexis -- just to name a few.

Drawing on his years of experience in Project Management, McCuskey is now offering complimentary consultations on the Bartering Exchange Network.

Since childhood, McCuskey has been fascinated by technology. Both professionally and personally, the interest navigates his path. He enjoys keeping up with the latest and greatest advancements in the tech world. His favorite technology trade show is the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Revered around the world as the most popular technology business event, CES is an electric event filled to the brim with innovation. It’s a change for Ryan McCuskey and other tech enthusiasts to get a sneak peak at what incredible inventions are on the way. His favorite part about CES is how it showcases brewing advancements across a wide range of industries. More than just an event for engineers and technology masters, the International Consumer Electronics Show has something on display for everyone -- literally. Consumers are able to view and test out new tech in the area of sports, automobiles, housewares and so much more. It’s an exciting time not only for tech enthusiasts, but the general consumer as well.