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Ryan Merritt

Web Developer/Designer outside of New York City in Hoboken, NJ!

I frequently blog at and work for both Rybo Web and Thrifty Pixel.

I enjoy using Twitter, finding new music across the internet and building websites for businesses and organizations. My favorite content management system is Pressflow, a specialized version of Drupal and wordpress. Should I have used an oxford comma just then ?

I enjoy all kinds of traveling, working on exciting new web projects and exploring my local area here in Hoboken, New Jersey and taking the trains across the water to New York City. I have yet to go to a good Drupal Confrence but I can't wait to finish my recent web projects so that we can promote them at Drupal or Wordpress confrences in the area!

We have recently launched some new services at Thrifty Pixel involving Wordpress Themes, Drupal Themes, general web design goodies such as icon packs and stock photography and even hosting services such as Serious Fan Pages which is free hosting with SSL enabled for Facebook Fan Pages.