Ryan Schwantes

Business Professional, Addiction Expert, Fitness Guru in Albany, New York

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Ryan Schwantes is the President for Baldwin Research Institute Inc., the parent company of Saint JudeRetreats, The Freedom Model and BRI Publishing. He co-authored a recent series called the Addiction Free Life series with Lifestyle Coach Dai Manuel. Ryan is also a Fitness Enthusiast. When he's not working or spending time with his family, he's at the gym or doing some other fitness related activity. Ryan is an avid sports fan, and a Green Bay Packers fan to the core! Ryan was born and raised in Wisconsin before he relocated to New York. He has written various articles on wide ranging topics such as Addiction, Fitness, Body Building, Nutrition, Sports Performance Drugs, and Motivation. His love for his family is what drives him to be successful in all his endeavors because one statement Ryan Schwantes believes is it's family above all else and anyone who knows him, knows he's as loyal as the day is long and if you have him on your side, you can be rest assured, he'll be there "till the end" as he likes to say.