Ryan Visser

Educator in Clemson, South Carolina

Try my food

So, I'm not a chef or anything, although I do enjoy cooking. This site, About Me, forced me to choose some external website to highlight and I ended up choosing food. The button above is a link to my shrimp and grits recipe.

I am a father to two wonderful kids who are so cute you just want to put them in your pocket. I am happily married to my best friend, whom I met in 1995. I work at Clemson University, teaching preservice teachers about digital media and technologies that can support teaching and, more importantly, impact learning. My interests focus on multimedia learning and cognition and social media. I love what I do!

Other things I love? Family, friends, food, music, the Adobe education leader group, one-liner jokes and puns, beer & wine, Pittsburgh sports, and nostalgia.

Peace Ese!