Ryan P

I believe radical thinking can change the way we work and live. I'm a designer by heart and an engineer by trade.

I started Pipette, a healthcare startup focused on reducing the number of complications and unplanned readmissions after surgeries. We're using mobile technologies to improve patient care and reduce overall health spending. Our company is proud to be part of Rock Health.

On March 2012, Pipette was acquired by Ginger.io, a MIT Media Lab spinoff that uses big-data from mobile phones, machine learning, and statistical pattern matching to improve the world's health. I now head up Customer & Product there.

I've previously worked at Microsoft and Salesforce.com. At Microsoft, I was responsible for the user experience and design for Outlook for Mac 2011. I also founded SeventyK, a young adult cancer advocacy group.

If you're in San Francisco, say hi.