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Coach and Analyst in Lithuania

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Heyo Daumantas "Ryuu" Krugliakovas here! I primarily work as a coach (Player, Team, Psychological) and analyst (Data, internal, scouting) for esports teams!

Started Coaching over 6 years ago delving into CS:GO and coaching basics, afterward picking up Rocket League on launch as my first serious game to work in and learn and apply coaching and analytics. Later down the line, I also had a huge interest in Overwatch and with my experience in Rocket League I Coached Open division teams to build game knowledge and experience, eventually working with Academy and OWL teams.

I am great in in-depth data and general analytics, scouting reports, internal/external team analyses, pattern recognitin. Can also provide Head and assistant coach work with high competence. Macro/Micro.

Nominated 2020 College Rocket League Coach Of The Year Finalist by NACE



Recent: Coach for Revival (Contenders)

Past teams:

- Florida Mayhem (Overwatch League - Analyst) - 6th S4

- Mayhem Academy (Contenders - Analyst) - Top 4

- GGEA (Contenders - Analyst) - Top 10

- Optic Academy (Contenders - Analyst) - Top 4


Rocket League:


Current: Coach for MINKZ Gaming

- Mock-it EU - Made first Major Rocket League LAN.

- Coaching/Analyses for Precision Z - Top 4 in RLCS (Lineup: Kaydop, Skyline, Sikii)

- Coaching/Analyses for ExRay - Consistent RLRS performance (Lineup: Mummisnow, Skyline and Eyeignite)

- 1NE esports - Built Top teams in Asian Region (APL) (1st and 3rd places)

- Team Ixa - The Kickoff, Rocket League Asian Series Champions

- BSU eSports - Coaching in Collegiate League

- Echo Zulu - RLRS

- MINKZ Gaming - RLCSX


Individually coached top players: Sikii, Sebadam, Jhzer, Eyeignite, Chausette, Mognus, Cheerio.

Business Contact:

Email: [email protected]

Discord: Ryuu#1337

Twitter: @RyuuTsubasaa

  • Education
    • Vytautas Magnus University