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Coach and Analyst in Lithuania

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Heyo Daumantas "Ryuu" Krugliakovas here! I primarily work as a coach (Player, Team, Psychological) and analyst (Data, internal, scouting) for esports teams!

Started Coaching over 7 years ago delving into CS:GO and coaching basics, afterward picking up Rocket League on launch as my first serious game to work in and learn and apply coaching and analytics. Later down the line, I also had a huge interest in Overwatch and with my experience in Rocket League I Coached Open division teams to build game knowledge and experience, eventually working with Academy and OWL teams.

I have been Head Coach for various Rocket League varsity programs and coaching from amateur to professional teams with high success. Great at setting up teams to succeed and push forward. Can also provide in-depth data and general analytics, scouting reports, internal/external team analyses, pattern recognition.

Nominated 2020 College Rocket League Coach Of The Year Finalist by NACE

Rocket League:


Current: Coach for AW3 Esports and Boise State University

- Coaching AW3 - Olympics 4th Place

- Coaching/Analyses for Precision Z - Top 4 in RLCS (Lineup: Kaydop, Skyline, Sikii)

- 1NE esports - Built Top teams in Asian Region (APL) (1st and 3rd places)

- Team Ixa - The Kickoff, Rocket League Asian Series Champions

- BSU esports - Collegiate Rocket League

- IWU esports - Collegiate Rocket League

- Echo Zulu - RLRS

- MINKZ Gaming - RLCSX


Individually coached top players: Sikii, Sebadam, Jhzer, Eyeignite, Chausette, Mognus, Cheerio.




Recent: Coach for Revival (Contenders)

Past teams:

- Florida Mayhem (Overwatch League - Analyst) - 6th S4

- Mayhem Academy (Contenders - Analyst) - Top 4

- GGEA (Contenders - Analyst) - Top 10

- Optic Academy (Contenders - Analyst) - Top 4

Business Contact:

Email: [email protected]

Discord: Ryuu#1337

Twitter: @RyuuTsubasa

  • Education
    • Vytautas Magnus University