S3 Cases

Plastic Case Manufacturer in the United States

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The molding facility and machine shop is a full service, custom injection molder, which is ISO 9001:2000 certified. That’s not an easy certification to get. It bespeaks quality in process and production. Based in Denver, Colorado, the plastic case manufacturer – Caroba Plastics, Inc. – is the leading injection molder in the Rocky Mountain Region. S3 is a devoted friend to the environment. All cases use up to 25-percent plastic regrind instead of producing that much plastic scrap. Less in the landfill, and that’s for starters. The fact that your possessions don’t need to be repurchased-since you will have saved them from destruction or persistent wear and tear-is another eco-bonus. Customization and customer focus are the top two priorities of the company. Whether it’s a color mix made just for your brand – such as a Ferrari red or John Deere green – or it’s a one-of-a-kind see- through lid you need, S3 will make you the perfect case that looks ideal and holds up great.