Sadness Theory

Sadness Theory

Sadness Theory is self-composed, melodious singer/songwriter music wishing to affect you with its stories. A common theme in my music is environment, reusing the things we own but also the identity issues that emerge from living in a materialistic society.

Sadness Theory is since 2011 a soloproject, with Kattis singing and playing either the piano or the guitar. Sadness Theory has performed in various venues mainly around Uppsala in Sweden such as local festivals, theme nights and vintage-events. Made of things was released as the first single in may and the album Praying to a Gucci God in october 2012.

I get inspired by the people around me, the world we live in, my everyday stories. Artists that have inspired me a lot in my music are Tori Amos, The Cure and Portishead. Other artists I enjoy and that awaken my creativity are Regina Spektor and Marina and the Diamonds.

Check out Sadness Theorys website where you can listen to my music, find contact- and gig information and read my lyrics. You will also find some amazing photos on my website thanks to the fantastic photographer Spyros Paloukis, some of them you see on this page.

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