Dr. Saeid Shamsian

Urologist in Brooklyn, New York

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A former student of Tehran University Medical School, one of Iran’s largest and most distinguished institutions, Dr. Saeid Shamsian has since held several roles within the medical profession. Following his graduation from the prestigious school, he took on a role at the Pahlavi Cardio-Vascular Center in Tehran, where he developed experience in open heart surgery before moving to the United States. Thereafter, Dr. Shamsian joined the Maimonidies Medical Center in Brooklyn, where for several years, he acted as a surgical intern and took part in various residencies to ultimately build his specialty in urology as a Chief Resident. Dr. Shamsian went on to become an Assistant Attending Urologist at the Columbia Presbyterian and Harlem Hospitals. Earning appointments at the North Shore University Hospital, New York Methodist Hospital, Long Island College Hospital, and Maimonidies Medical Center, he taught and was responsible for a number of active residents for the majority of his career.

Dr. Saeid Shamsian’s specialty as an urologist involved the treatment of common disorders as well as serious issues involving the urinary tract and external genital organs. With medical interests covering a wide span of diseases and maladies, he has treated benign prostate diseases, impotence in male patients, and malignancies of the kidney, bladder, and prostate. Dr. Shamsian’s advanced training includes laparoscopic training for certain stages of prostate cancer as well as laser training for the treatment of a diversity of urological disorders. Performing urinating incontinence procedures in Brooklyn, he was one of the first physicians to bring the surgery to New York. Over the course of his career, Dr. Shamsian has published papers on testicular lymphoma and urological problems following heart bypass surgery.

Dr. Saeid Shamsian makes charitable contributions to individuals in need of medical treatment and food. He also supports the Jewish community. In his spare time, he continues to maintain good physical condition through a commitment to exercise, and he enjoys playing tennis, jogging, and biking.

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