Safe Text

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Utilizing default texting apps on your mobile phone leaves you susceptible to hackers, advertisers, and other curious entities. Emails can be taped onto a hard disk drive, copied and dispersed, and kept or archived, Computer system forensic capabilities allows anybody with the right credentials to get legal access to hard disks. If you're not mindful about with whom you interact, your worst pictures will wind up on social networks and destroy your individual and business life.

Safe Text is an encrypted texting service created for tamper-proof privacy utilizing patented, anti-intrusion technology. We have actually removed all links between exactly what you text, who you are, and who you text by including automatic delete and removal options, day-to-day server wipes, and tactical server places outside of the United States. We've produced a corporate security solution that can be customized to fit your business and personal requirements whether it's customer confidentiality or your individual flexibility of speech.