Sanny Gaddafi

Small Business Owner and Father in West Java, Indonesia

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Sanny Gaddafi (nickname: SaGad), a technopreneur since in the university, develop the first local Social Networking site called FUPEI (Friends Uniting Program Especially Indonesian) and have 200.000+ local member. From that experience he partnering with some people and build several social networking sites, such as BundaGaul, SixReps, Beautiplan and the last one is Social Networking for villages called 8villages. Now he is very focus on accelerating villages modernisation using information technology.

#YouthAmbassador of World Summit Award. One of the Initiator of #StartupLokal community, also taking part on the mentoring program on Jakarta Founder Institute. Marketeers magazine by Mark Plus named Sanny as the Top 100 young influencers in Indonesia. A Google's product strategy expert.

  • Work
    • PT. 8villages Indonesia