Theatrical Arts Entertainer & Child Educator in Seattle, Washington


Theatrical Arts Entertainer & Child Educator in Seattle, Washington

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Often described as one of Seattle's "Best Kept Secrets" few people can call themselves a fountain of creativity, but performance artist Sage Viniconis literally spews ideas, philosophies, and ruminations with almost every breath he takes.

"It's best to not ask Sage what type of art he does, but what type of art he doesn't do."
~Greg Lundgren of Vital 5 Productions.

With lineage to Theodor 'Dr. Seuss' Geisel, and a munchkin of the Lollipop Guild from the cinema classic 'Wizard Of Oz' it's safe to say eccentricity runs through my veins.
Thanks to encouragement of my mother and nurtured at a young age to pursue all varieties of the arts, I found myself drawn into a world of theater, magic, ventriloquism, modern dance and humorous art illustrations.

Attending the Center For Creative Youth at Wesleyan University during high school, later to graduate as 'Class Artist' I continued my artist path into college, eventually obtaining my degree in Visual Communications.
That journey landed employment within the 1990's Seattle music scene as it exploded worldwide. 18 years I immersed myself in the world of theatrical circus arts, later to be talent hunted and baptized in the "entertainment waters" by Cirque Du Soleil, taking us to who I am today!

Groundbreaking thinking suggests me as a "creative soul" who loves method acting, physical movement and comedy. Combined with prior educations it's paved a foundation of skillful talents utilized as a circus arts educator, character actor, voice-over artist, masked/costumed performer, comedic magician, stilt-dancer/ walker, nouveau clown/ mime, fire breather, living statue, humorist writer and professional bouffon.

For nearly two decades I've provided interactive theatrical ambient staged shows enabling me to entertain a cornucopia of notable businesses, corporations, organizations, theaters, museums, galleries, schools, festivals, fairs, performance venues and audiences. I'd post my past and present clients but honestly, it's large enough to choke a hippo.

With advanced notice and proper budgeting I can specialize custom creations in performance, costume, and characters bringing any vision or dream a client has to life. Please contact me for rates and pricing in regards to helping make your creative vision for an event a success!

Email me: [email protected]
or call: (206) 395-5451

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    • The Art Institute of Seattle
    • The Open Window School Of Visual Communication