Said Osio

Asheville NC

I'm an evangilist in the conversation of the Sacred art of Being and Dying and bringing to Asheville a series of events Bridges of Bardo beginning with Death Cafe. See events in The original impetus for this work began as The Guided Imagery Collective,, whose purpose was bringing people together through creativity and imagery in serving those in need of healing by way of a conversation about living with cancer. The new third messenger conversation now evolved by exploring a deeper means of compassionate service with others who see dying as an awakening in Being. Presently Facebook is our platform of choice from which Third Messenger will explore the visual tapestry of creative imagination as well as with nadazul a creative imagination web site

I invite everyone to join through our offerings: new serial publications, images, visual presentations with poetry, music, slide shows and contemplative fusion performances/concerts with our trio Aqteshna Ana + friends. My primary aim is to reach healthcare practitioners, caregivers and anyone who wants to engage in a communion with spirit bodymind healing energy.