Saja Muzaini

So What's underneath this head scarf of mine?

A 21 year old cheese lover and last-minute accomplisher.. tends to visualize the present in a science-fictional style and laugh about it.. apart from that, I was raised by a loving family in the Gulf area and have always questioned Identity keeping my Arab roots planted under a European Passport, which carries an amusing set of stamps, and my passion to print more of the further ones.. I am studying visual communication design and is currently working in the sport-design field in Germany. Starting an active voluntary club to improve the life of the less fortunate refugees in Jordan, ranks the highest of my achievements.

I get inspired by children's common sense, psychological experiments, multi-angle narrating, avant-garde sense, low-budget movies, and Taxies' endless creativity.. And I fancy Chair design enough to like a chair-page on facebook! I often think how I would have invested better with my time, and then sleep seems like a priority! However being practical, dressing comfortably, And running around seems to be the combination that i perfect..

moving often made me less attached to the who and the where, how fast ones self adjusts holds the secret. I believe that each character attracts the situations that it is put into.. And I firmly believe if humans place themselves in the opposite shoes, hatred would be less common.. I am in a constant challenge to phrase refined answers for occurrent debates.

I enjoy sharing new experiences with people passionate about them.. So tell me yours and plan the day !