Salina Storozuk

Honolulu, Hawaii

Salina Storozuk is a yoga and mindfulness teacher and the owner of Flo Yoga Hawaii LLC.

Salina has over a decade of personal study and experience in meditation, mindfulness and yoga. She has spent time in India meditating and exploring the inner self day in and day out in ashrams, lived in a commune in Germany among other spiritual seekers, taken 10 day silent meditation retreats in the mountains of Japan, and retreated alone to a tiny island in the south of Thailand. Salina's life has been dedicated to the inner journey of the Self through various traditions; Zen Buddhism, Vipassana Meditation, Ashtanga Yoga and various personal development modalities.

Now through Flo Yoga Hawaii LLC, Salina offers customized programs for hotels, companies, organizations and individuals to develop and enhance performance, self-knowledge and love, and well-being in life through the guided practices of authentic heart-centered mindfulness and yoga.

  • Education
    • University of Washington, Seattle, B.A. Business Administration