salma sanjaq

Hello, my name is Salma Sanjaq, I'm 13 years old, I live in Barcelona and I was born in the maternity hospital.

My favourite subjects are music and history.

I'm not very quick doing homework because I do not want do mistakes, that makes me lose vital time to study... I also need a lot of security in myself and that makes me do stupid things as questions.

The activities I do out school are music (trumpet, Symphony Orchestra, brazz and choral), theader and swimming.

I love go to the mountain to walk, listen to music, watch castle, Mr. Bean, pink panter and play the trumpet.

My favourite color is black, the same of Bibi.

My favourites aniamls are cheetah, leopard and puma.

My favourite food are my grandmather's omelet, the japanese food and the spring rolls.

See you!