Salman Alam

3D Charcter Animator in Pakistan

I was born in Karachi, Pakistan, where I spent my formative years. An early interest in cartoons especially animation led me to explore cartooning on my own. As I grew older and I began to watch more and more movies that developed an interest in Special Effects which made them seems so realistic. In 2014 after high school, I attended Arena Multimedia Pakistan, Where I got my Diploma in AMSP-Pro (Arena Multimedia Specialist Program Professionals) receiving an Honorary Certificate of Academic Excellence. And I Won Tommies Awards 2016 from Long Winter Studios. My focus was on Character Animation, although during the course of my education I explore wide sets of skills relating CGI. I am interested in all mediums of Animation. My other interest includes Film, and all forms of Storytelling. While I am not animating I usually be found researching on comics, drawing, or catching up on the latest movies and Animations.

  • Education
    • University of Karachi