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New York, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Carthago, Milano, Marrakech, Amsterdam, Zurich, Basel, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, Frankfurt, Cologne or Düsseldorf: This is just a quick listing of DJ Dave's intense work as a world renowned and frequently traveling DJ playing a big bunch of Salsa Festivals & Mambo Congresses or just club gigs all around the globe. Beside the influence of contemporary Salsa from New York and Puerto Rico, DJ Dave's trademark is the 'Salsa Mambo', also called 'Salsa Dura' or 'Salsa Classica', the legendary 'Fania Salsa'. This music is characterized through continuous beats, elements of Jazz and a lot of breaks and improvisations, but always stays danceable. Make sure to follow him to stay tuned with all news & updates on gigs & music..

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