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Wackiest Reasons For Getting a Divorce

You may think you have the weirdest reason for getting a divorce. Chances are, compared to these couples, your reason is mild by comparison with these wacky couples that made the headlines in recent years. If you live in the Salt Lake City area and need help with a divorce, click here for more information about the services offered by Long Okura family attorney.Give Peas a ChanceWatching someone eat peas in a shocking way was enough for a Kuwaiti woman to ask for a divorce in December 2013. Instead of using a fork, her husband smashed his peas with a slice of bread and then ate the bread. Someone call Amnesty International for this poor woman. The news service that reported this, Al Arabia News, declined to report how the divorce proceedings went. Although it is possible that the pea-eating was a last straw for the wife, the open-faced pea sandwich was reportedly the only one listed as cause for wanting a divorce.Just Cannot Sit Through FrozenMetro News reported in 2014 that a Japanese woman sought divorce from her husband of six years because he hated the animated movie "Frozen." Her reasoning anybody who hated this movie was not a good human being. Marriage counselors point out that many divorces happen because partners turn out to be people other than the other partner thought he or she was. Perhaps not seeing eye-to-eye on a Disney movie might have been one surprise too many for this wife.Love Me Love My HorseFacebook kills many relationships when shocked partners see what their significant other posted. In October of 2013, a Saudi Arabian man filed for divorce after seeing a photo of his wife kissing an Arabian horse she did not own. The wife reportedly stated that she felt that she was better off without the husband who could not tell a kiss on a horse's cheek from a kiss on another man's cheek. There was no comment, reported or otherwise, from the Arab horse.Will Not Put On UnderwearA young Romanian woman asked for a divorce because her husband refused to wear underwear. The wife could not tolerate the stares other women gave to her husband, even though he went out in public clad -- just not with underwear.No relationship is easy. Hiring an attor