Salvatore Frieri

Educator, Consultant, and Father in Pittsfield, MA, United States

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Salvatore Frieri has dedicated his life to coaching, mentoring, training, teaching, and leadership. Instilling a growth mindset in everyone he works for and with is a passion of his. Salvatore Frieri has coached high schoolers in two different states. He has taught multiple subjects across many grade levels. Also, he has been the leader of three schools, covering all grades PreK-12th. If you would like to work with Salvatore Frieri, just send a message! He will show that with the right attitude and support, great is something that every single child and adult, from any background can achieve. Two ongoing goals are promoting equity for all and fighting for increased diversity. Our kids learn best from, and trust most, people who come from similar backgrounds, have like values, look like themselves, and who were given the right chances to improve their lives when they otherwise were facing great disadvantages. He can help teachers connect with kids, can help improve time on learning, and will show how data can be used to improve teaching practices.

Salvatore Frieri loves learning. Every day is a new chance to grow and improve. Being a dad is super rewarding for Salvatore Frieri and has changed his priorities in many ways. Still, he enjoys silver age comic books and old school board games. Also, Salvatore Frieri will always enjoy retro video games and riding his motorcycle. One of the most important things you can be is a mentor, coach, or advisor. The one-on-one connection is really all that's keeping this world together. Think of all the things you do without even paying attention to the details. Driving, shopping, working, social media, and on and on.

Be your own person and connect deeply with a few others to truly improve the world. Every job affords the possibility of enriching other lives, and all work is honorable. Be the inspiration others are seeking. Offer support to anyone who could use some. Give praise where it's due. Especially for the small wins. Judge less. Do your research. Give credit where it's due. Reach back out to former mentors and teachers. Give advice which has helped you get you to where you are. Give second chances. Give third chances. Forgive. Allow bonus points for those who have additional trauma, or barriers to overcome. They deserve them. Change the level by which you trust conventional news sources. Don't demonize those who have different outlooks or idea than you do. Be nice.

  • Work
    • Amplify Education, Inc.
  • Education
    • American International College - M.Ed
    • University of Houston - B.A.
    • Berkshire Community College - A.A.
    • Taconic High School