Salvatore Toia

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Salvatore Toia is an avid sports fan, art enthusiast, and world traveler from the Windy City. Living in a big sports city, Salvatore grew up with a competitive spirit and a strong desire to be active. He played sports year round as a kid including baseball, hockey, and football. His favorite professional teams are the Bears, the Cubs, and the Blackhawks. Each year, he makes an effort to attend at least one home game for all of his teams.

Beyond sports, Salvatore Toia holds a great interest in arts and culture. He is especially interested in performing arts and visual art. Salvatore frequently attends events at the local Theatre including concerts, plays, comedy shows, and more. He has seen many great performances at the theatre from big stars including David Letterman, Robin Williams, and the Allman Brothers. As an art enthusiast, Salvatore Toia also enjoys visiting the Art Institute from time to time. The Art Institute holds a wide variety of exhibits. Salvatore is particularly interested in the contemporary art and renaissance collections.

During the cold winter months in the Windy City, Salvatore Toia like to spend his time traveling to exotic islands where the weather is much more suitable. In recent years, Salvatore has traveled to Aruba, Jamaica, and Capri, each island offering its own unique culture and atmosphere. Over ththe next few years, Salvatore hopes to continue his travels to places like Santorini, Maui, Bora Bora, and Fiji.

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