Samantha Cervino

Self Development Coach, Author, and energy healer in Ontario, Canada

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Samantha Cervino is no stranger to change... In fact, her life has changed dramatically many times over - and she in turn has touched the lives of many on her fascinating journey.

Just a few short years ago her life took another dramatic turn, leading her down a path of true purpose and fulfillment. As a global change maker and Ambassador for the Wellness Universe, certified Reiki Master and EFT Tapping Pract., published Author and Personal Development Coach. Samantha has changed and improved the lives of many, including children with special needs.

In addition to being an accomplished leader in her field of understanding and shifting human emotions through energy healing, personal development and ongoing studies guided by great mentors such as Bob Proctor, Peggy McColl and Mary Morrissey, Samantha is also a published author and motivates through her work on social media.

Samantha is committed to the personal success of her clients and is often quoted for saying “Life is to be felt, not planned”...

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Samantha's books-

The Gratitude Affirmations & The Dragonfly Effect - Finding Your Inner Strength, Clarity and Wisdom, now available on Amazon as well as Chapters and soon in bookstores near you.

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