Samantha Foss

Musician in Atlanta, Georgia

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Samantha Foss always loved music. It was the one thing that could always make her feel better, no matter what was going on in her life. She knew that she wanted to pursue a career in music. And she did just that; she studied music at college and made friends with people who had the same passion for music as she did.

Foss played in various school-related bands, mainly as a rhythm guitarist or singer, but also formed multiple groups with her friends. They mostly played a mix of rock and soul, with Foss often taking on lead vocals. Her natural talent shone through and her friends recognized it.

Foss is an accomplished musician. She learned music theory during her time in the Air Force and expanded her ability to arrange songs. She became the resident songwriter, singer, and arranger in her bands and typically created complex vocal harmonies. Foss also regularly learned other instruments and expanded her skills to include bass guitar, anything with keys, and even tuned percussion and drum kits. This made her invaluable in many settings. Her musical talent has taken her all over the world, performing for audiences large and small.

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