Samantha Moonsammy

Brands, Events & Marketing Stylist
Samantha is a media strategist, event planner, dreamer and visionary of STARFISH. As a founding owner of the company, Samantha has built a solid team of event and marketing specialists who are passionately connected to their clients and willing to over-deliver on every project. With a Master’s Degree in Communications and Culture from York and Ryerson University specializing in new media technologies, a career in strategic communications with the Government of Canada and with hundreds of event marketing projects under her belt, Samantha is able to create original, fresh solutions for STARFISH clients. Since launching the company, Samantha has coordinated a variety of events including conferences, carnivals, weddings and outstanding charitable fundraisers. As technology advances rapidly so too does Samantha’s inventive personality which pushes the limits of her industry. Samantha’s strategic communications background helps clients solve their business problems via the infusion of fresh marketing and communications campaigns. She devotes herself fully into every project in order to ensure a client’s investment and expectations are not only reached, but also exceeded. Samantha’s experience in public relations, strategic communications and events of all sizes and cultural settings validates her as an extraordinary member and leader of the STARFISH team.