Sam C. Lewis

The Rainbow Nation of South Africa

Who? An outgoing, active Wellness Coach who loves to inspire, empower and assist people to BE their Level-10 physical & emotional best.What? A 'hope-a-holic' who thrives on - making everyday an adventure, random acts of kindness and releasing endorphins.Why? To enable people to live healthy lives - filled with energy, zest, 'zing' and passion. To equip them to enjoy vitality and longevity - and to LOVE themselves.Where? Operational globally; based in beautiful South Africa.How? Equipped with a certain joie de vivre... the latest technology and evaluation system, as well as healthy nutrition tips, underpinned by weekly assessments.Passion? To change lives. To empower people. To see people reach their health and fitness goals. God Almighty. Family. Adventure. Love. Life.Objectives? To inspire & be inspired. To make an impact. To add value. To reach significance through service. To leave a legacy. To be a shining light and example for Him. #ElohimAddonai FOCUS AREAS ? Body Analysis, Personal Solutions, Weight Loss, Health Issues, Energy and Vitality, Healthy Lifestyles, Stressed and Busy Lifestyles, Sport and Sports Performance.For a FREE Wellness Evaluation, contact the 'AmCanWill Lass' via email,