Rev. Dr. Sam D. Kim

Harvard-Trained Ethicists and Urban Minister in New York

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Rev. Dr. Sam D. Kim is a Harvard-Trained Ethicist and the Co-founder of 180 Church, near Union Square in downtown Manhattan.

He is a Yale-Hastings Scholar at the Hastings Center exploring the crisis of professional burnout in academic medicine and among ecumenical clergy . His recent work on the Loneliness epidemic drew national attention on how faith communities can be mobilized to act as an effective determinant against this current alarming public health risk.

He was appointed as a research fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine at the Center for Bioethics at Harvard Medical School and part of Harvard catalyst, where he explored the inequities surrounding health, immigration and social policies.

He is a recipient of the Lifelong learning Fellowship at Yale Divinity School and Yale Medicine, which aims to to close the gap between faith and science, and is awarded by the John Templeton Foundation and AAAS.

A passionate advocate for the immigrant, refugees and the most vulnerable he was invited to the White House to join a conversation involving dreamers during the Obama Administration. He played a key role along with other clergy in advancing policies supportive of Dreamers and urging passage of DACA, and has continued his tireless advocacy ever since, including recent persuasive writing on behalf of more just immigration policies.

He is a regular contributor at Christianity Today and the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College.

Hubs to Lydia, Dad to Nathan and Josh and best pals with his dog Brownie ;)

  • Education
    • Harvard Medical School
    • Yale Divinity/Medicine
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • Gordon-Conwell Seminary
    • Nyack-Alliance Seminary