Sam Haider

Entrepreneur, Visionary, Trend Maker, Inventor, Author, Frozen Yogurt Guru, Doctor Yogurt, Food and Beverage Industry Leader Pioneer of the Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Industry Among the first entrepreneurs in North America to design and built the first self-serve frozen yogurt mall kiosk First Canadian entrepreneur to introduce the self-serve frozen yogurt concept in Canada. Pioneer of the Tart Frozen Yogurt concept Creator of the proprietary Greek Style Tart Frozen Yogurt liquid mix formula Designer and Inventor of the First Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Kiosk for Malls, Airports and Hospitality Venues Created the fastest growing smoothies and juice bar chain in 2004 Created Award-Winning Smoothies and Healthy Snacks Founder of Magical Flavors - #1 Yogurt Flavor Mix Founder of Magical Crunch - Healthy Froyo Toppings Founder of Yogurt Distribution Company Founder of Pariolli Soft-Serve Machines Founder of Juice N Java Coffee Kiosks Founder of Samosa Hut Founder of FXNN - Funding Network for Growing Businesses. Founder of Discount Shipping - First Canadian 3rd Party Discount Small Parcel Courier And LTL Shipping Broker Founder of Sunny Money - First Canadian Solar Financing, Rental and Leasing based on Ontario MicroFit Founder of GPS Registrar Inc. ( Team Canada Member for Canada - The Most Brilliant Country In The World Founder of Euphoria Movies & More - Never Be Bored Again Founder of NABCRM - North American Bollywood Collective Rights Management Founder of Cool Mats - Restaurant Ad Placement System Founder of Cool Media Placement - New Media Advertising Founder of Classii - Toronto's Free Classified Ads Sam Haider's Personal Motto: You Have One Life. Get Euphoric. Live Your Best Life. Hence Sam's personal email address is