samir Kwefati

Damascus - Syria

I was Born on 1960 I Studied the music at first in the Arab Institute in Aleppo and then continued my personal efforts with some teachers in Aleppo. In 1975 I Started to play piano and Org and constitute a musical band to play on anniversaries and parties. I was possessed by the musical . for the eastern pieces of music known by "Maqamat" quoting the Rahbaniat and Said Darwish's music and trying to have the use of them. In 1978 I Constituted a small theatre band and had presented 3 plays of Fairouz and Rahbani Bros, but unfortunately these activities stopped due to the military service. Next, in 1984 I Finished My military service and continued being musician and started composing TV & radio ads and I loved this work! In 1987 I Married Mayada Bseliss and decided to formulate with her a musical duet to present a successful musical project. Then 1991 I Had launched two collections of songs with Mayada of my music and we cooperated with the poet Mr. Samir Tahhan. In 1993 I Started to compose music for local TV series which took a lot of my concentration that I still up to now composing music for a number of TV, cinema, and theatre works. I Opened a small studio and named it MAESTRO and this is the studio in which I record my private & public works. I am continuing my work as: - Musical Composer of the dramatic works . - Composer and sometimes the lyrics-writer of Mayada's songs which I compose for no one else. - Music composer and lyricist of TV & radio ads . - Composer of Dance Music for a number of dance groups in Syria, Lebanon, and the Gulf. - Org Player with my band . - Manager of MAESTRO studio & Co. Aleppo . Thank you for reading about me, I hope you enjoyed it.