Samir Mane

President of BALFIN Group in Tirana, Albania & US

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Samir Mane embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in the vibrant streets of Vienna, Austria, far from his native town of Korça, Albania. In these early days, he displayed an exceptional ability to adapt and thrive in new environments, skills that would later define his business acumen. In Vienna, he laid the groundwork for what would become a lifetime of pioneering ventures.

In 1993, he identified a unique business opportunity in Albania's emerging market for electronic goods. This foresight led to establishing a small enterprise dealing in electronic products and home appliances. This business started modestly and soon grew into Albatrade, a leading name in the Albanian electronics market and the foundation stone for the BALFIN Group. Under his stewardship, BALFIN Group expanded its reach, eventually operating in 10 countries and managing over 50 companies. By 2022, the group's total assets had soared to €2.1 billion, a testament to his strategic vision and relentless pursuit of growth.

His career milestones include founding Alba Trade in Austria, which quickly became Albania's official distributor of electronic goods. In 2002, he diversified into real estate by establishing Mane TCI (later BALFIN Construction), showcasing his ability to innovate and expand into new markets.

His business prowess has not gone unnoticed. Samir Mane Balfin Group received the "High Honor Decorate for Services to the Republic of Austria" in 2019 and the "For Special Civil Merits" in 2016 from the President of the Republic of Albania. These honors and his inclusion in the Financial Times' top four "People to Watch in Business" underline his standing as a global business influencer.