Sam Kalensky

Freelance Artist, Design, and Animation in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Yo! Sam Kalensky here, i'm an Independent Freelance Artist from Vancouver BC Canada! My passion lies in Tasty Colors, Punchy line-work, Dynamic frames, Chaotic Compositions and Slick and Silly smears!! – You probably know me from our local events! (i've been showcasing my artwork annually in vancouver since 2010!)

I also stream artwork every Wed/Sat/Fri on

If you want to support my Artwork & Projects further: You can get Monthly Rewards, Artwork and Packages directly from me, by supporting me monthly on Patreon or buying something from my Online shop via Storenvy or Etsy

My work can also be followed on social media at any of the Social Sites or Galleries listed at the bottom of this page & a portfolio of my work can be found here.

If you want to get to know me personally, I'd recommend following my twitter, instagram or tumblr blogs! I've also set up a discord chatroom!

you want to hire me for something creative: I can do most anything from illustration to character design, even comics or animation! I am generally available Monday–Friday at an hourly rate. (The price may vary depending on your project!) Ask me for a Quote and Please dont be shy to get in contact via email and tell me whats on your mind at anytime:

Cheers and Good vibrations!


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