Samantha Lim


I work for a New York based organization that is an intersection of non-profit, SME and the performing arts. In a nutshell, I spend my days figuring out and implementing end-to-end marketing solutions.

Before this, I was a management consultant and worked with global leaders around Asia. My primary markets were the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, though I have also worked with clients from Australia, the United States and China. The former means that I have experienced a lot of traffic jams. The latter means that I have seen a spectrum of state welfare systems.

Classical Indian and swing dancer, animal whisperer, film lover, pop-culture addict, writer who hasn't written obsessively in 5 years, Malaysian who has spent more time travelling than at home over the past 10 years, food lover who refuses to spend exorbitant amounts on food, mosquito killer who finds extermination as satisfying as popping bubble wrap.

Photo Credit: Harvard Wang