Sammya Brata


Well, I'm a consultant by profession working with the Big 4 and scribbling has been part of my intrinsic desire right from the age of 3. I have won numerous awards in All-India writing competitions but mostly in an "offline" mode. I have been scribbling regularly on my dairy and now it's time to reflect those excerpts on my blog...It's indeed my newest diversion. You'll find diversity in my blog; It'd talk about my life and my deeds in general with "all-round" topics peeping in from here and there. And yes, I love to embrace the "Click-ing" almost drives me into a trance, the trance that never breaks till I succeed in "shooing" my target. I specialize in "gourmet photography", the glimmers' surely gonna test your TASTE buds! The reason why I say this? Well it's upto the reades to decipher. And the others can call me a "Food Blogger". I don't mind really! And of course my blog invites countless "footprints" and "infiltration" ; so don't hesitate to read through.
In short- "I AM"
Optimist| Jaunty | Food Clicker | Facetious | Blogger | Cheapskate | Cricket Fanatic | Eccentric | Sly-King | Foresees Great Disaster
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Professionally, I have more than 3.9 years of rich experience in Government Consulting. I have worked on assignments in the both areas of e-Governance and e-Governance Implementation. I have also been involved in the capacity building; change management related activities and bid process management of different projects.

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