Programming, Robotics, and Middle School Teacher in Nairobi, Kenya

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I am a dreamer and a futurist who likes to try something new. My teaching experience is ranking from teaching refugees in the camp to international kids of all ages. I am from Thailand.

My love of teaching stemmed from the great teachers I had had in my life. They inspired me to be like them which is caring, courageous, approachable and full of wisdom. I am a spiritual person and my sources of spiritual wellness come from great teachers and gurus from around the world.

I am a participant in the 21st century education. I spread good practice and important message through different media such as Twitter. 21st Century Essentials is my online newsletter that collates general technology news as well as good teaching practice for the century.

  • Work
    • International School of Kenya
  • Education
    • Brigham Young University–Hawaii
    • State University of New York College at Buffalo