Samson Yee

Product Incubation in Tokyo, Japan

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Curious and highly motivated. Storytelling has been a cornerstone of all the work I've done. As a photographer, photo editor, and product owner.

Currently heading two web services with a team of five engineers. Synergy Marketing, a popular CRM in Japan was acquired by Yahoo! Japan last fall. I currently work for both.

Previously I worked in London on an assignment putting together Madame Tussauds Tokyo.

Before that Chief Picture Editor at an Editorial Magazine, Courrier Japon, Kodansha. With my own experience as a photographer, my job was to find innovative ways to tell stories, making use of print and digital media.

Since the age of 18, 17 years in Tokyo. Read, write and speak Japanese fluently with a broad understanding of its culture and market, good personal and professional connection in publishing, photography and the startup world.

  • Work
    • Yahoo Japan/ Synergy Marketing
  • Education
    • International Christian University, Tokyo