Samson T. Jacob

Retired Professor in Columbus, Ohio

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Over the past two decades, cancer research has grown and expanded significantly, bringing new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to conditions and illnesses for which there were not previously many options. The research team led by Dr. Samson Jacob made a significant contribution to this project. He has researched various aspects of liver cancer and some types of leukemia, particularly chronic lymphocytic leukemia. He has long been regarded as a pioneer in this field.

He had always known he wanted to work in the medical industry, but he also understood how much time and effort it would require. Nevertheless, he put in a lot of effort and assumed important leadership positions at some of the best universities in the nation. He decided to continue working toward his goal of becoming a researcher while also beginning a teaching career in a medical school setting because he knew he wanted a very varied career.

Dr. Jacob completed his post-doctoral training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, before starting his teaching and research careers at MIT. Since then, he has had a deep passion for research.

From the beginning, he knew that to make significant contributions to science, he would need to work twice as hard.