Creator, innovator, and Button Pusher in Dallas, Texas

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Sam has been guiding and building confidence for big brands and entities around the world for over 30 years. He has great success helping them stay current and relevant, while keeping an eye on the future! He doesn’t just talk a good game, as founder of, and THINK Labs, everyday he and his inspired teams are rethinking the way things are always done and helping others pivot, innovate, and create entire new solutions and experiences while empowering professionals.

Your friend at the front of the line, the bleeding edge (pre-cutting edge), the 1st to hear/have/know about all the latest and greatest in technology, engagement, science, and experiences! You know that guy, there’s always one right?

Sam's that guy who is wide awake at 5am thinking about how is all this relevant? Is it just blinking flashing lights and a momentary WoW, or does it have purpose and how will it advance, impact, or enhance everything we do, and how we deploy this safely and successfully? Known for “story’izing” the complicated, Fisher-Pricing it, making it understandable for everyone, boardroom or backroom. And he does all this in a fun, unpretentious, “Oh I get it” way!

Sam feels education is the best gift you can give anyone. Speaking or teaching people something new, or working on projects in the community or church, you’ll see Sam always trying to make as big of an impact as possible. His Congressional Award,’s Elders on the Web program for the largest senior citizens homes in Texas, or behind the scenes ideation, messaging, and engagement for international and philanthropic entities like the United Nations with their climate change initiatives or even helping the little startup Howdy Homemade Ice Cream get their word out are a few long lasting examples of his service.

Buckle up, connect with Sam, buzz with his enthusiasm, be in “the know,” and get engaged!

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    • Founder of
  • Education
    • The University of Texas
    • California State University Long Beach
    • University of North Pole - Santa Clausology