Samuel C Dike

Designer, Writer, and Director in Lagos, Nigeria

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Samuel is a/the:

✓ Digital Marketer.

✓Linkedin Influencer and tutor

✓ Founder and CMO, The NEXBUY District.

✓ Founder, XX20.

✓ Cofounder, AFROblogIT.

✓ Founder and projects coordinator, LINIDEA AFRICA.

✓ Leisure photographer, S.A.M.D PHOTOS

✓ Student-engineer, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

✓ Project coordinator, Acoustic Electric (A.E).

✓ Motivational speaker.

Samuel was born on 29th June 1998 in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. He is the first child of his parents and only sibling to his younger brother, Victor. Samuel is from Imo state.

Samuel is very passionate about helping people with their difficulties. He is also very interested in a world of Artificial Intelligence. He is currently a mechanical engineering student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves talking, thinking and sharing knowledge. He spends time meeting and educating new connections. Apparently, he likes fried rice and chicken more than LinkedIn. He loves any mention of business, sponsorship or contract.

Samuel runs online tutorials on various skills via social media networks (chats and updates). He gets to teach individuals who are interested in skills/courses he knows well. He does this under the initiative he calls "The Chat with Sam".

Samuel also runs an affiliate marketing company called 'The NEXBUY District'. The firm is basically interested in marketing for brands(online sellers) that sells quality products. His company helps them grow their customer base, increase their leads and provide them with sufficient sales.

XX20 is a youth empowerment initiative founded by Samuel for the sole aim of bringing out the youthfulness in youths of the society.

  • Work
    • The Nexbuy District
  • Education
    • University of Nigeria, Nsukka
    • St. Francis Catholic Secondary School, Idimu