Sanna SAM Mustelin

Writer, Speaker, and Journalist in Berlin, Germany

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Hi there, I am Sam. I’m a writer living in Berlin, Germany. I am a fan of writing, Pop Culture, and Media. I’m also interested in Queer Culture and History. You can contact me via LinkedIn with a click on the button above.

Find my previous written work here: - The Future We Lost in the Fire (EN) - Review of Charlie Says (DE), Review of Little Women (DE)

Wejhat - Preparing for an uncertain future (EN), Schreiben über Geflüchtete (DE)

The Recompiler - Women in Programming (EN)

Podcast appearance:

Polycast - Little Women (DE)

In addition, I work as a translator and content writer in German, English and Swedish.

My thesis on LGBTQ representation in children's books (DE) can be found here.