Sam W Lee

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Sam W. Lee conducts research at both Harvard Medical School as well as Masschusetts General Hospital. At Harvard Medical School, he is an assistant with the Broad Institute, an institution that focuses on transforming medicine through systematic approaches.

Sam W. Lee received his doctoral degree from the University of California. He got the opportunity to mentor with Dr. Agabian. After his degree, Sam W. Lee became a fellow at the University of California San Francisco and then at the Dana Farber Cancer Institue of Harvard Medical School where he wored under Ruth Sager. He also spent time working at the University of Michigan as an assitant professor at the medical school. Specifically he taught Cancer Biology. Over the years, Sam W. Lee has accumulated a lot of experience in the medical, specifically teaching and research aspects of the profession. He now remains at Harvard University working in the cancer biology program as an assistant professor.

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