John Sanborn

John Sanborn is a world renowned video artist whose recent work "MMI", a short feature film about his adventures in New York in 2001, death and the redemptive power of family.

The work premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival in October of 2002 and was reviewed by VARIETY who said "Avant-garde in form yet poignant, funny and accessible, normally acerbic experimental filmmaker John Sanborn's short feature "MMI" unites the political, the personal and the philosophical in one deft package. Reflection on his tumultuous first post-millennial year -- one that encompassed a cross-continental move, stressful new job, deaths and 9/11 -- is an inventive audio/visual collage that carries real emotional heft."

Sanborn’s works have been shown at almost every major museum in the world, including the Whitney Museum; the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Prado, Madrid; the Centre Pompidieu, Paris; the Tate Gallery, London; and the Seibu Museum, Tokyo. His video works have been broadcast world-wide, including 16 half-hours for PBS featuring works with Bill T. Jones, Philip Glass, Twyla Tharp, The Residents, and David Gordon. A dance work created for "Great Performances" starring Mikhail Barysnikov and directed by Sanborn won three Emmy Awards.

Sanborn’s episodic television includes “Frank Leaves for the Orient” created for Comedy Central. The series premiered on August 19th 1999, to outstanding reviews. TV GUIDE called "Frank" "...hilarious..." and a Critics Choice.

The New York Daily News said, "Frank is ...a real comedy trip...packed with laughs. It has its own energy, its own pace and style, and--best of all, a clear and clever continuing plot line that draws you in early and gets you hooked." And Tim Goodman in the San Francisco Examiner raved " nothing you've seen on TV before..."

On the other side of the desk, Sanborn has been a corporate creative for Comedy Central, a creative director for eBay and is currently the Creative Director of Shutterfly the Internet-based social expression and personal publishing company. John Sanborn holds an honorary Masters of Cinema degree from ESEC in Paris, and lives in Berkeley California.