Sanda Florentina Popa

Sanda Florentina Popa

In Romania we have encountered some earthquakes, in 1989 a revolution, and, even if the terrors of a severe sort of communism passed compulsory through me, the ancient roots of my family are strongly and traditionally against dictatorship. My nature makes me to act in accordance with the social necessities, prefering to keep a somehow charitable and independent way.

Between happiness and regrets, once with all changes which appeared after 1989, in 1996 I was awarded the title of Doctor Engineer -domain Roads and Airfields, and I was told I became the first feminine specialist with this title of the history of more than 100 years of the Faculty of Railways Roads and Bridges of Bucharest. Later I was to be known also as having succeeded in establishing a lasting mixture recipe for repairing the Baneasa airport pavement in due time by initiating an ad-hoc international experience exchange.

Orthodox-Christian, I have also pursued a long program in studying approximatively 14 years, till 2005, the Bible in English (with the WBS-World Bible School, USA-AR), I graduated (1995)also from the WEI (World English Institute, USA-AR) and I had the opportunity to meet this way many American servants of God who have taught and preached in Bucharest

My linguistical knowleges were to be completed lately with a little bit of Spanish. I like painting and I am fascinated by photography. I wrote many technical papers, I realized an artistic-documentary movie of long length, in 2013 I published a book of sad poems.

I am not married.