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Water Soon to Become as Valuable as Gold

Written By: San Dan Yi, September 13, 2009

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Water will soon become as valuable as Gold and I believe it is important to understand some cold hard facts, about this emerging planetary crisis. As a positive life change facilitator I like to inspire people to become the very best they can be as a person in order for each individual to fulfill their potential and to have command over their dreams and visions. However, we really can’t reach our potential as sentient beings until our consciousness shifts and we start living by example. Often such abrupt action will make us stand out from the crowd and others may think of us as different, but that is OK by me.

Water and Money: The wealthy are now buying up the world...The question is why?'s water reserves.

Think Like a Light Worker…

Human beings tend to think in a broader scope or on a planetary scale when they become conscious beings without self serving desires. Many light workers and people of environmental organizations already think on a larger, more panoramic scale. However, these people do not comprise the mass consciousness and it is often the reason they are initially mocked by the main stream. Let’s remember, it’s been a long tradition of the human race for only a very small percentage of people to think outside the box of their own wants, needs and desires!

Live by Example and Let your Actions Speak for Themselves…

Living by example starts when your actions, words and deeds become an exten

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